Come to the stores of us and partners. We will fix your broken phones within 20 minutes. We guarantee the quality of our service and parts. If you are not 100% satisfied, we do not charge you. If you find the price is higher than our competitors, we match the lowest price. If your screen is broken again within one year of purchase, we fix it for free.


We provide  phone accessories and parts to phone repair business runners on a large scale. Our products go through strict quality assurance and test. The whole sale price will make your time more profitable.

Partner Program

We wish we could open stores everywhere in the USA, but it is not realistic. That is why we like to help you run your own local business and build a sharing economy. We are not competitors. We are partners.

We provide you with strong technical support, repair tools, phone parts, and accessories. We advertise your business through the website, the partner community and other networks.

Your store will be seen right here!